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Ecuador, 2002. Some individuals with different musical backgrounds, coming from an underground local scene, got together to form SUDAKAYA, A band based on reggae & ska influences, who evolved to make a unique Urban Latin Sound.
In 2004 they independently edited their first CD "Todo Va Bien", which opened the doors to not only participate in the main Ecuadorian festivals for many years, but also perform shows in Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile.
In 2006 they published "Selekta Combinación" E.P. CD, with the collaboration of Alerta (Colombia reggae band) and MC Kaer from Starflam (Belgium’s Hip Hop).
In 2008 they released "Terminal", an album which clearly indicates the evolution and experience gained throughout the years of fighting in the music battlefield. "Terminal", 12 songs that reflect melancholy, revolt, heartache, latin pride, and existential rawness of the human being, in grey, frantic times. Definitively a darker, more adult record keeps the fire and energy pumping in every song.
In May 2009 Sudakaya starts Tour Terminal, which takes the band for the first time to Europe. Sudakaya performs in 20 shows across the continent, including Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain. In October 2009 the band is invited to festival Altavoz (Medellín), the second largest stage in Colombia.
In 2010 Sudakaya is invited to the most important international music festival in Latin America ROCK AL PARQUE in Bogota Colombia.
The band envisions a long way to walk in the future, and
continues to deliver music with its sincerity, truthfulness and heart.

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