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Paul Banks & The Carousels


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"Songwriter Paul Banks is another Austin force to be reckoned with . . . His favorite songwriter is Paul Simon, but Banks' voice has supreme range. He can go from sounding like a folk-singer Strokes frontman to a gorgeous Roy Orbison to stripped down Muse. There is an epic sweep to Banks' songs . . ."
-San Antonio Express News

"Banks' melodies are beautifully mesmerizing."
-The Austin Chronicle

". . . haunting, inspiring, and pensive without ever crossing the line into self-indulgence." (Los Angeles)

"Banks, whose backup vocals can be heard on the latest album by fellow Austinites ...And You Will know Us by the Trail of Dead, says he enjoys incorporating a pretty/gritty duality in his songwriting. [He] fuses a Freddie Mercury vocal delivery and a Paul Simon songwriting approach with surprisingly pleasing results."
-Austin Monthly Magazine

"Banks is an extraordinary talent. He has a deep connection with many styles of melody – whether pop- or rock-based, or sometimes even classic sounds harkening back to those larger-than-life performances of big band jazz. It’s that huge. Because of this, Banks pushes his vocals to an entirely differently level, without reserve, thoughtfully capturing moments in time."
-KUTX radio

"The first time I heard Paul Banks sing, I told him I wanted to marry his voice."
-Laurie Gallardo, Texas Music Matters (syndicated NPR)

"The perfect swell . . . songsmith Paul Banks and his Carousels quartet build mesmerizing pop wrought with vocals that split the difference between Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley."
-The Austin Chronicle, show recommendation

#3 Best Album of 2010 [Yelling at the Sun, by Paul Banks & The Carousels]
-Texas Music Magazine Critic's list