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Two Cow Garage


In 2003, Two Cow Garage--the Columbus, Ohio-based three-piece featuring Micah Schnabel (vocals, guitar), Shane Sweeney (bass, vocals), and David Murphy (drums)--released their debut full-length, Please Turn the Gas Back On. The powerful rhythm and sweeping melody of the record’s opening track, “Been So Long”, has since given rise to four additional full-length releases, a handful of singles, and a few solo efforts. The band has paraded their brand of heart-wrenching, yet ferocious rock-n-roll through countless North American tours and several European sojourns. Two Cow Garage’s latest effort, Sweet Saint Me, not only garnered airplay on WXPN's World Café where it was showcased as a featured artist selection, but also found its way on to numerous critics’ best-of lists.
As one of the most consistently-touring indie bands today, Two Cow Garage continues to captivate audiences with live shows that serve-up manic stage energy, gritty chord changes, and subtle lyric-mindedness. The band’s intense, fiery persona conjures authentic tunes that would be as at home in a Raymond Carver story as they are on a stereo in the dead heat of an August, midwestern night.
2013 will see the release of Two Cow Garage’s sixth full-length album entitled, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society. The effort will prove to continue the arc of the band’s development and further blur the lines between rock, Americana, and punk.