Featured Session: Robotic Renaissance: The Dawn of Humanoid Innovation

Mar 14, 2024

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

In the grand narrative of human ingenuity, from mastering the wheel to advancing microchip technology, stands our next monumental leap: the Humanoid Robot.
The most sophisticated tool that humans ever made isn’t just about gears and circuits; it’s about dreams, aspirations, and the endless possibilities of our collective imagination.
Envision a world where time doesn’t limit our creativity and aspirations. Humanoid robots handle life’s routines, liberating us to pursue what truly matters to us. Will we channel it into creative pursuits, or drift into ease and indulgence?
Join Apollo, Apptronik’s cutting-edge humanoid robot for a journey through time, weaving together the stark realities of our past with a hopeful outlook on a future enhanced by humanoid robotics. It’s an invitation to witness where the realms of technology and creative artistry converge, painting a vivid picture of what lies ahead.

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photo of Yemi A.D.
Yemi A.D.

Moonshot Platform

photo of Jeff Cardenas
Jeff Cardenas

Apptronik, Inc.

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