Duplass Brothers Indie TV Showcase

Mar 11, 2024

8:30pm – 10:10pm CT

Feeling out of place in the modern world, 16-year-old Penelope finds herself almost cosmically drawn to nature. With no plan in place, she leaves her family behind for the beguiling wilderness where she begins to establish a different kind of life for herself. As she learns by necessity, survivalism coalesces with coming of age in this poignant tale.

Ryley joins one of his songwriting idols, Bridget St. John, at her cabin in upper New York where they share a meal, make some music, and compare manicures.

In an absurd dystopian future, two female scientists find themselves responsible for the world’s only remaining televised news source.

It's been six months since that disastrous night in the motel room, and these two guys are nowhere near over it. "The Long Long Night" is a tragically comedic TV series that follows Pete and Carroll, best friends since kindergarten, as they scramble to build adult lives that contain some semblance of meaning and purpose. The show’s stars, real-life childhood friends Mark Duplass and Barret O’Brien, created the 6-episode first season over the course of two-and-a-half years.

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