credit: Desmond Picotte

Frances Chang

With a personal practice steeped in meditative and occult spiritual interests, Frances Chang’s songs take on an ever-changing experiential quality that combat songcraft’s standard operation as static object. This gives her music a hyper-present psychedelic quality without succumbing to the pitfalls of the genre, and instead favoring the bizarre and otherworldly in earnest.

Her music contains the meandering improvisation of a new-age record, the theatrical romanticism of a crooner ballad, and often stops and starts with no reverence to metronomic time. Her live band is brought to life by the flexible, ecstatic drumming of Liza Winter (birthing hips) and the lyrical soulfulness of bassist Andrea Schiavelli (eyes of love), and implies many fringe genres within the poetic and song writing persuasion.

Her second full length album, Psychedelic Anxiety, was released 2/16 by Ramp Local.

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Events featuring Frances Chang

Mar 14, 2024
7:20pm — 7:50pm
Presented by
Adult Decisions
Mar 15, 2024
10:30pm — 11:00pm
Presented by
Ramp Local
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Indie Rock
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