Satellite Imagery: Fundamental to Taking Climate Action

Mar 13, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

Recording: Satellite Imagery: Fundamental to Taking Climate Action, Mar 13, 2023

Satellite imagery is fundamental to understanding climate change and assessing risks to natural places and communities. The biggest challenge is being able to access reliable data to gain insights, make decisions and act quickly. From conservation efforts to government planning and policymaking, satellite data is foundational to taking climate action. 

With satellite imagery ranging from 10-meter to 30-centimeter and increasingly higher resolution imagery, we have created a near real-time sensor network that provides an unprecedented view and deep understanding of the human impact on our planet. Ground truths exposed by satellite imagery and other remotely-sensed data are an important way to build a shared understanding required to preserve natural places, build resilient communities and make net-zero initiatives a reality. 

Climate change concerns require all of us to act. Access to satellite data can map our path to creating a more sustainable and resilient world. 

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photo of Steve Brumby, PhD
Steve Brumby, PhD

Impact Observatory

photo of Alex Killion, PhD
Alex Killion, PhD

Yale University

photo of Sheridan Moore, PhD
photo of Sue Natali, PhD
Sue Natali, PhD

Woodwell Climate Research Center

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