Augmented Realities: XR Innovation in Live Events

Mar 14, 2023

10:00am – 11:00am CT

Recording: Augmented Realities: XR Innovation in Live Events, Mar 14, 2023

Imagined realities -- an AR metaverse of purely virtual environments overlaid on top the real world -- will be part of our lives within the next decade. It opens up a world of creative possibilities, giving artists & creators a blank slate canvas in three dimensions.

Live events -- especially music festivals and sports -- are a perfect showcase for the ultimate potential of this coming mixed reality (XR) spectrum. Virtual production tools embed AR graphics directly into the live broadcast streams. Mobile AR gives the IRL crowd a viewport into this virtual space and unified communal experience with those not present. And cutting-edge AR headsets such as Snap Spectacles AR, Magic Leap 2, and Hololens 2 provide glimpses of the mixed reality spectrum in its final hands-free form.

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