Changing the World With its Fastest Computer

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For over a decade, supercomputing has stared upwards at its holy grail, the next major leap in speed: exascale. Exascale refers to a supercomputer with at least 1 exaflop of computing power – that means solving a computational problem at one-billion billion (18 zeroes) calculations per second. This year, HPE and the U.S. DoE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory announced that Frontier became the first supercomputer to break the exascale barrier, making it the most powerful in the world. But achieving exascale isn’t an arbitrary industry milestone. This achievement will help solve calculations 8x as complex, at 10x the speed. It will enable breakthrough discoveries to accelerate the world’s toughest problems in disease diagnosis, drug discovery, renewable energy and beyond.

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Justin Hotard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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