A Practical Plan For Anyone To Mitigate Climate Every Day Meet Up

Mar 11, 2023

11:30am – 12:30pm CT

What can busy digital age humans do to personally mitigate climate? This networking session will serve as the launch pad for a conversation among the SXSW community that will continue past SXSW. Our facilitator, a regenerative polyculture farmer, soil builder, and homeschooling father, will initiate the interactive conversation with three bullet point targets. One will be, "Plant superfood for food security and carbon sequestration” (a cubic inch of healthy soil sequesters up to 3 billion tons of carbon annually). The second will be “community based solar power” (a key goal being to reduce 70% of carbon miles in our digital-age lives). The third will be “support regional economies” (1,500 carbon miles are embedded in most U.S. products). Participants in this meet-up will join break-out groups, begin brainstorming, and, most importantly, plan to keep the conversation going so that when attendees return home, whether to tech, entertainment, legal or environmental work, they can serve as “trainers who train the trainers” in their enterprises, families and communities. After all, this is a the 9th inning for humanity, from a climate perspective, and the influential, motivated SXSW community is poised to help humanity reach critical mass and return to a regenerative economy. From those curious about where to begin, to innovators with inventions or creative projects geared to achieve climate goals, this meet up is about the passion of the attendees to bring the practical lessons home and implement them in their lives and work.

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