Closed Supply Chain Data is Killing Our Planet

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Recording: Closed Supply Chain Data is Killing Our Planet, Date TBA

A river in India runs purple. A dyeing facility is leaking chemicals into the water. Many people want to clean it: a global NGO has the tech, the local community knows the ecosystem, brands sourcing from the facility are eager to help & the facility owner wants in. Together, they can clean the river. The problem? A wall of closed, fragmented supply chain data keeps them from finding one another. Imagine, instead, organizations opening up their data in formats that everyone can use. The wall between those organizations comes crumbling down & the collaborations our world sorely needs are possible. The good news: this is happening. Join this cross-sector panel sharing visions for open, collaborative supply chains, what transformational progress looks like & what work still needs to be done.

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Natalie Grillon

Open Supply Hub

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