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Ginevra Nervi

Italian artist Ginevra Nervi is an anomaly of sorts. As a songwriter and music composer for films (Non odiare, L'ultimo piano) documentaries (Dante: fuga dagli inferi), and TV series signed to Netflix Original (SKAM Italia 4) and Amazon Prime Video (Prisma), Ginevra garners a revered reputation in the italian film industry.
Outside of the film and TV realms, Ginevra's story as a solo artist continues to evolve. She self-released the single "P!2", followed by Anastasia Kristensen's remix. The release of Ginevra's "Klastós" EP in 2021 marked a significant moment in her trajectory. She created a collection of broken rhythms in perfect symbiosis with her vocals, based on the theme of reconstruction and connection. Shortly after, four far-reaching producers reworked "Klastós"—Chevel [Houndstooth], Alev Lenz [scrores on Dark, Old Guard, Black Mirror], Lara Sarkissian [CLUB CHAI, NTS Radio] and Midori Hirano [Erased Tapes]. Ginevra's debut album "The Disorder Of Appearances" dropped on the 10th of June 2022 on La Tempesta International. A myriad of 15 tracks blending voice, noise and sonic illusions, she describes the body of work as "the fingerprint of my musical language."

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Roma, , ITALY


Avant / Experimental



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