'See' Season 2 Title Sequence

See's second season picks up after the catastrophe in season 1 that wiped most of humanity and left the few survivors blind. The sequence captures the essence of this second season in which the remaining people venture into the dangerous unknown. The show creators worked very closely with blind actors and consultants to make sure they were portraying what they learned about the sightless gathering small bits of information at a time to understand their environment. Accordingly, we built every aspect of every shot as a gradual reveal and we created a system of growing tendril-like forms to enhance that sense for the audience of feeling their way through the terrain.

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photo of John Likens



John Likens

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Managing Director: Stuart Robinson, Executive Producer: Adrienne Mitchell, VFX Supervisor: Gong Myung Lee, Senior Producer: Emily Schaeberle, Sr. FX Supervisor: Tomas Slancik, CG Supervisor: Brian Dinoto, Designer: Danil Kryvoruchko, CG Artist/Lighter: Claire Yawen Chang, CG Artist: Jeongyeon Son, FX Artist: David Derwin

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