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we tried to convey in a synthetic and funny way, the story between two mothers, after realizing their babies were exchanged at birth, these women develop a plan to adjust to their new lives: creating a single —and peculiar— family while falling in love with each other.

Journeying 20 light years across the galaxy, three transforming robotic fairground rides, Mixtape, Funk n Fly & Roller Disco, arrive on earth to bring retro thrills to UK theme park Alton Towers. With a strong 1980s theme to the rides, Bottletop designed a short, punchy animation taking inspiration from the opening titles of Saturday morning cartoons such as Masters of the Universe and The Transformers. Hand drawn animation, painted backgrounds, glows, grain and a nostalgic synth rock soundtrack were all used to bring The Retro Squad to life.

When what’s “real” is debated every day – from politics, to climate change, economics, even the nature of the universe – how can we shape, challenge or change our reality… and understand who we are within it? In the past, our TEDx titles aimed to provoke thought by holding a mirror to the state of society: reflection as catalyst for change. For TEDxREAL, we returned to a spirit of playfulness. Instead of the serious, the sincere. Instead of a mirror, a dream. This dream was shared by some of the best motion and sound partners in the world, and with "reality" so open to interpretation, a curated global collaboration was perfectly suited to capturing the kaleidoscopic nature of the title.

Welcome back, Agents! Get ready for your I Expect You To Die 2 virtual reality spy-tastic adventure with a brand new, 360, intro sequence, voiced by world-renowned singer and songwriter with he well-honed baritone voice, Puddles Pity Party.

See's second season picks up after the catastrophe in season 1 that wiped most of humanity and left the few survivors blind. The sequence captures the essence of this second season in which the remaining people venture into the dangerous unknown. The show creators worked very closely with blind actors and consultants to make sure they were portraying what they learned about the sightless gathering small bits of information at a time to understand their environment. Accordingly, we built every aspect of every shot as a gradual reveal and we created a system of growing tendril-like forms to enhance that sense for the audience of feeling their way through the terrain.

Much of the sequence is reminiscent of the Blade Runner world in the two features and the series. But some elements, such as the eye scanner, are exaggerated presentations of imagery new to the series. There are also portions that are unique to the sequence itself. We reduced the neon-soaked palette of the show to a strong three-color scheme to set the title sequence apart but anchor it in the Blade Runner world. We also literally turn the cityscape upside down at first, which is unique to the sequence. Then, we drift along the skyline of 700-story buildings and watch spinners race between them to set the tone for this familiar-yet-unique animated show.

Plains Of Yonder created the opening title sequence for Mike White’s HBO series The White Lotus. The social satire takes a hard, tropical stare into lives of the overprivileged; the chasm between those being served and those doing the serving. To capture the peculiar spirit of the series, we conceived and created a title sequence made entirely idyllic wallpaper patterns that hold hidden themes, motives, and even psychological insights into the show's characters. Each pattern was an original art creation which held a world of storylines in the form of endangered Hawaiian honey-eater birds, transforming chameleons, rotting fruit, caterpillars that eat their own scene, and native outrigger rowers facing an insurmountable wave. Don't worry...it will all make sense when you watch the show! Oh, and a fish dies.

Queens of Mystery is a comedic series about three crime-writer sisters who help their cop niece solve murders. The title sequence - inspired by the show's many literary references - creates a storybook feel using handcrafted pop-up paper folds filmed in live action and enhanced with VFX, that introduce viewers to the bucolic landscape of Wildemarsh whilst conveying the playful, whimsical and surreal tone of the show. Series 2 heightens the stylised aesthetic further and takes paper engineering to a new level with complex spinning pop-up balls and moving mechanisms. The skill of the VFX process was to blend these wobbly, tactile paper folds with the precision of the digital animation.

Using an ample amount of ferrofluid submerged in water in a glass jar, the viewer will experience the raw transformation of a symbiotic, abstract creature, violently causing chaos in its environment, ultimately ending up creating the wheezing of a bloody, organ, which said creature is inside in.

Based on Isaac Asimov’s timeless sci-fi trilogy, the opening title sequence transports you to a galactic dreamscape filled with rich imagery.

The space cowboy is back with the live-action adaptation of the cult classic anime show, Cowboy Bebop. Jam-packed with stylized footage and classic Bebop motifs, the opener pays homage to the original while giving a twist on the retro-graphic film-noir language that is the hallmark of the show.

Creative expression is a process of discovery; of bringing the unseen into the light, the inner world into the observed and vice versa. Our film is an atmospheric but energetic black + white visual tone poem of ADM’s artists as they undergo their process of discovery, change and expression. It is a celebration and reflection of their 4 year journey that is now culminating in a new batch of creatives ready to be unseen.

Perception's title sequence for Marvel Studios' WandaVision is a love letter to television. These titles start with a "please stand by" notice that is reminiscent of television aesthetics from the respective era that the episode is based on. RGB pixels are used these pixels to form Wanda Maximoff's perfect reality. As the pixels are being built into different icons seen in the show, a single red pixel falls down and crashes, causing a disturbance that echoes throughout the world that was just created. This was a direct representation of Wanda’s world falling apart around her. Though even through this, two wedding rings remain, symbolizing the love story that WandaVision is at its core.

Perception designed the opening title sequence for Marvel Studios' Black Widow to help tell the missing years in Natasha Romanoff's story. This grim and haunting sequence shows the capturing of Natasha, her sister Yelena, and dozens of other young girls against their will. These girls are then put through training in the Red Room to become Black Widows, and once their training is complete, we see them sent out into the world to accomplish their deadly missions. Complete with a chilling soundtrack, this sequence takes a dark path to show the loss of these girls' youth and innocence.

Perception tells the story of Kate Bishop and her formative years in this title sequence for Marvel Studios' Hawkeye. Inspired by David Aja's run of Hawkeye comics, the style of this sequence shows animated movements, shadowed silhouettes, and symbolic colors. Follow the story of Kate Bishop (who always appears in purple!) and how she learned how to train, fight, and shoot a bow and arrow. Since this sequence is essentially a training montage, Perception utilized certain frames to indicate the passage of time and character growth, such as Kate's growing trophy shelf and her arrows hitting the target more consistently as the sequence progresses.

Filmograph was commissioned to design this main on end sequence for the second installment of the iconic, contemporary franchise. Our title treatments are laid out over Detroit exteriors and interiors, as we revisit the film’s most thrilling settings

Filmograph designed an opening sequence to this series based on novel The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Our concept explores the struggle of the show's characters to break free from their troubled pasts, their portraits slowly ebbing away.

Reflections of Chicago imagery are seen on the side of the car as Tommy rolls through Chicago, introducing the audience to the main character and the world of Force.

The sequence introduces the audience to The Nat Love Gang and the Rufus Buck Gang. Gunning for revenge, outlaw Nat Love saddles up with his gang to take down enemy Rufus Buck, a ruthless crime boss who just got sprung for prison.

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