WandaVision Main On End Title Sequence

Perception's title sequence for Marvel Studios' WandaVision is a love letter to television. These titles start with a "please stand by" notice that is reminiscent of television aesthetics from the respective era that the episode is based on. RGB pixels are used these pixels to form Wanda Maximoff's perfect reality. As the pixels are being built into different icons seen in the show, a single red pixel falls down and crashes, causing a disturbance that echoes throughout the world that was just created. This was a direct representation of Wanda’s world falling apart around her. Though even through this, two wedding rings remain, symbolizing the love story that WandaVision is at its core.

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Wanda's Theme - End Title Theme (From "WandaVision") - Christopher Beck

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Co-Founders: Danny Gonzalez and Jeremy Lasky, Head of Operations: Kris Barone, Senior Producer: Eric Daly, Chief Creative Director: John LePore, VFX Supervisor: Doug Appleton, Artists: John Koltai, Vlad Lysenco, Alex Rupert, Chris Szeto, David Wave, David Weinstock, Nick Woythaler, Ryan Uhrich, Associate Producer: Peyton Goldfarb

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