TEDx REAL Title Sequence

When what’s “real” is debated every day – from politics, to climate change, economics, even the nature of the universe – how can we shape, challenge or change our reality… and understand who we are within it?

In the past, our TEDx titles aimed to provoke thought by holding a mirror to the state of society: reflection as catalyst for change. For TEDxREAL, we returned to a spirit of playfulness. Instead of the serious, the sincere. Instead of a mirror, a dream.

This dream was shared by some of the best motion and sound partners in the world, and with "reality" so open to interpretation, a curated global collaboration was perfectly suited to capturing the kaleidoscopic nature of the title.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

photo of Scott Geersen



Scott Geersen

Production Designer:


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Partner Studio: Bemo, Partner Studio: Bullpen, Partner Studio: Mighty Nice, Partner Studio: Mixcode, Partner Studio: Nerdo, Partner Studio: Oddfellows, Partner Studio: Post Office, Partner Studio: Spillt, Partner Studio: State, Original Music and Sound: Ambrose Yu

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