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Anagha Narayan is your average eighth grader. She's a people pleaser, she's insecure, and she wants nothing more than to have clear skin. Her life changes drastically when she wishes on a fallen eyelash and her wish is granted: she has the clearest skin she's ever had. When word gets out that Anagha has magic eyelashes, the people in her life guilt trip her into giving them up. More and more people wish for superficial and terrible things, and Anagha is unaware of the effects this has on herself and the world. After she's forced to give up her final eyelash to the United States Army General, Anagha has a realization in the form of a pimple-covered singing cow. This is where the aliens enter.

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Sanjna Bharadwaj


Sanjna Bharadwaj


Sanjna Bharadwaj


Sanjna Bharadwaj


Sanjna Bharadwaj

Production Designer:

Sanjna Bharadwaj

Sound Designer:

Ben Huff


Kanoa Ichiyanagi, Chris Lee, Bobby Baritone

Principal Cast:

Isa Hanssen, Natalie O'Brien, Jonni Phillips, Dave Owens, Colleen Sinclair, Ollie Wollerman, Ty Wilson, Isabella Spadone, Liam Lopinto

Additional Credits:

Animator: Anya Martin, Catharine Ren, Dax Wong, Isabella Spadone, Jay Lee, Jennifer Nie, Kris Stanton, Matt Herring, Rebecca Payne, Stella Oei, Ty Wilson, Vivian Le, Coloring Team: Anya Martin, Ayako Todo, Evangeline Chang, Fer Lozada, Jay Lee, Justine Kwon, Kevin Alters, Kris Stanton, Lee Witz, Liam Lopinto, Maria Jaramillo, Natalie O'Brien, Ollie Wollerman, Rebecca Payne, Stella Oei, Sumin Cho, Ty Wilson, Will WIbisono, Background Paint: Hannah Cosselmon, Isabella Spadone, Natalie O'Brien, Ollie Wollerman, Robyn Romain, WanCi Hua, Color Script Assistance: Natalie O'Brien, Compositing Assistance: Liam Lopinto, Alien Sculpt: Liam Lopinto


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Sanjna Bharadwaj
Sanjna Bharadwaj Makes Films

Publicity Contact:

Sanjna Bharadwaj

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