How the Metaverse can Rebuild Society, but Better

Recording: How the Metaverse can Rebuild Society, but Better, Date TBA

The metaverse is the most futuristic iteration of the Internet — a virtual universe built on AR/VR to create shared, 3D digital spaces. In the brightest of scenarios, it democratizes access to education and experiences. In the darkest, it compounds inequities, fragments reality and erodes shared experiences. Many believe they control what they see and consume online, but experiences are heavily influenced by outside actors with an agenda. The metaverse will take this a step further, either connecting us or dividing us more deeply. How do we build this new digital reality to advance humanity and solve the issues of the real world? Panel discussions will offer perspectives on how regulations, safeguards and design can ensure it’s built on security, privacy, transparency, equity and inclusion.

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Aleatha Parker-Wood

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Taj Reid


Adi Robertson

The Verge

Darren Shou


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