Jedi Tech: A Look Back From 2050

Mar 16, 2022

4:00pm – 5:00pm CT

Recording: Jedi Tech: A Look Back From 2050, Mar 16, 2022

Two new strange apps are bending our understanding of reality and our capacity to influence it. Randonautica, the world’s first quantum random adventure game, invites users to set an intention and generates a random point. 18 million people downloaded Randonautica which resulted in over one billion views of videos with bizarre “coincidences.” In Time Machine, users communicate from their past and future selves, benefiting from “time travel therapy.” This user co-designed app shifts wellbeing, as shown in a peer-reviewed paper. The future of apps and games are created to expand human consciousness of the cosmos, increase self-love, and promote healing. The creators of the two apps took very different approaches to the notion of "experiment," but started with similar intentions.

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Josh Lengfelder

Randonauts Co

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