Solving For The Asian Dilemma Meet Up

Mar 15, 2022

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Growing up Asian in America means having to navigate cultural bias as well as unlearning cultural teachings to succeed in the workplace. In our career experiences, we've needed to dress older, exert the number of years of experience, and of course the fact that yes we can speak well... we’re American. Having worked for only a few people of color, we didn’t realize that these actions are something Asians have in common.
In this meet up, we will discuss common AAPI lessons, such as “saving face,” “the Asian F,” and “respecting your elders” and break them apart and examine why they don’t work in the workplace and why it is important to move past them to level your career.
As AAPI, we often have little to no representation in the workplace, therefore we have few to model our careers after

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photo of Suzie Bao
Suzie Bao

Asians in Advertising

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