We are stardust…

Mar 13, 2022

10:00am – 11:00am CT

Recording: We are stardust…, Mar 13, 2022

With the space rush upon us, Joni Mitchell’s timeless lyrics still say so much about what is left to be done to restore harmony between humanity and our environment. While satellite operators are racing to secure valuable orbits, the new space economy is on a collision course with debris and congestion. Current space monitoring systems can’t handle the traffic. Access to space-based data and engaged international participation are critical to ensure safety and sustainability in space and on earth. Join Stewart Bain, CEO & Co-Founder of NorthStar Earth & Space, as he inspires us to take a system of systems approach to effectively tackle the so-called “impossible” problem of ensuring clean, secure, and equitable access to space.

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Stewart Bain

Northstar Earth & Space

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