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Born Worldpremiera Edwards, a Saint Paul native, rapper REVII has always been destined for greatness. Her first memories of music included her fathers grand piano. At five REVII would sit and play for hours in her dad’s studio. REVII wrote and performed her first song at age seven called “Notice me.” She recalls it as a cry for help, a cry that won her the local talent show. By ten REVII was performing regularly with her little brother Chaos, in a group called MIKAZE. A mix of South Korean, Cuban and Madagaskin REVII always found herself between worlds and cultures. She would later credit her diverse background as the catalyst for the genre bending music she would create. REVII’s tumultuous childhood led her down a path littered with depression, anger, loneliness, drugs and nine stints in and out of jail. Music remained REVII’s safe haven and the way she coped with the world. Her home life rife with disfunction and abuse atop a lingering feeling of always being different because she was gay REVII struggled deeply with depression and where she fit in this world. She attributes her work ethic and tenacity as a byproduct of surviving her childhood.

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