credit: Marlee Pasinetti

Indigo Sparke

Indigo Sparke’s music feels natural and classic—like the songs came out whole/like the desert. You hear wind in the songs. At first it all feels minimalist — maybe because the songs feel so sturdy, like they arrived whole—but as you listen it keeps deepening. Which doesn’t mean it still isn’t minimal. Minimal in terms of being intentional, and each component has a part. What first draws you in is its use of familiar components in unfamiliar ways. Indigo’s voice and guitar seem connected. Her voice itself is expressive but in control and doesn’t sound like anyone else. Her music feels grounded and real and dark and light. It’s charismatic music that also reminds you of a dusty 78 rpm or field recording. It’s of this moment but outside of time, and people need to hear it — in this time, where people need comfort — but they’ll need it too when everything’s better. You’re on your own path, but it’s a path people will follow.

Indigo Sparke’s debut album, echo, was released in February 2021. She is currently working on her second album.

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