Vic Santoro

Vic Santoro

credit: Aiyush Pachnanda

The life and career of Vic Santoro has been blessed by the spirit of his own tenacity. Following an 11-year stretch in jail, the 32-year-old rapper, actor and public speaker is taking his second chance at life with aplomb, using his experiences to enter the hearts of the British public. Success as an actor and public speaker have taken him to heights he couldn’t have imagined, but he has his sights set on fulfilling his first passion, music. “Music is my purpose,” he says. “It’s my destiny, it’s not about money and in reality, music is what got me to where I am now.”

With over 100 songs in the vault, Vic has been plotting the best possible approach to share his music. That approach is a three-mixtape series, Glory Days, Vic’s first major musical statement, out now. “Glory Days is the journal of a peasant that made something of themselves,” he says. “You're going to get the full emotion of what I’ve been through and you're going to get the elated feeling of knowing anything is possible if you work towards it.

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Management, Brand Partnership, Booking Agent - Worldwide, Sync/Music Supervisors

Subgenre: Grime
From: London, UK-ENGLAND