credit: Adam Kelly

Modelled after Tunic’s live attack, Quitter is a record about quitting. With an ugly and unhinged blast of catharsis that can comfortably live beside the tuneful noise of Metz, the spazzy-goth freakouts of Daughters and the riffy melodicism of Pile, the sophomore release from the acrobatic post-hardcore crew is a record about discomfort– tackling founding member David Schellenberg’s new found sobriety and the recent exit of co-founding member Rory Ellis along with themes of loss, survival and perseverance. Tunic delved deep into that initial struggle of freeing yourself from the bonds of a depressant, its emotional connections and learning new ways to cope outside of substances to form the crux of the ideas behind the LP, punctuating the entirety with a boatload of riffs inspired by everyone from Botch to The Jesus Lizard.

With Quitter, Tunic have returned with their most coherent set of songs yet– the middle ground between intelligence and blunt-force trauma, channelling rage into a set of songs hellbent on redemption through self-examination. Yet regardless of the bleakness of the lyrical content, the quality of the songwriting and original riffs shine through, making Quitter

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Genre: Punk
Subgenre: Noise
From: Winnipeg, MB, CANADA