Filling a Trillion Dollar Gap in the Market

With Hollywood striving to boost diversity and inclusion, opening the inclusion umbrella for America’s largest marginalized population – the one-in-five Americans with a disability – is the right thing to do as well as economically smart given that the disability market is valued at more than $1 trillion. Featuring filmmakers and actors from Best Summer Ever, which won the 2020 SXSW Final Draft Screenwriters Award, the director of Single, which won the 2020 SXSW Special Jury Recognition Award, and other filmmakers with disabilities, learn how to ensure more equity in Hollywood. This panel also will cover accessibility touch points throughout the entire process, from hiring and casting disabled talent, making sets accessible, and ensuring that the film itself is accessible.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Lauren Appelbaum


Shannon DeVido

Best Summer Ever

Ashley Eakin

This Is Blank Films, Inc.

Shaina Ghuraya

Rebuilt Minds

Andrew Pilkington

Zeno Mountain Farm

Leah Romond

Zeno Mountain Farm

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