Daniel Simon


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Daniel P. Simon is a writer, entrepreneur, and financial communications expert. He has been part of the fintech revolution since its inception, advising on some of the biggest brands in the space including Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs.
Daniel’s focus on finance and its future led him to become CEO and Co-Founder of Vested, an integrated communications firm where he and his team partner with top financial and fintech companies.
Daniel’s natural curiosity about all things related to finance and his unique view point as an insider in the financial industry have perfectly positioned him to be an authority on the beginnings of the fintech revolution. He’s been watching the industry since its inception and has chronicled its major events, from the day when Apple launched its App Store, to the Winkelvoss twins becoming key players in Bitcoin, and beyond.
Daniel's upcoming book "The Money Hackers" chronicles the history of and the people behind the fintech revolution.

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