1980YEN - 'Takoyaki Story'

1980YEN - 'Takoyaki Story'

A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually.
Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.

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Sawako Kabuki


Director: Sawako Kabuki
Producer: Sawako Kabuki
Screenwriter: Sawako Kabuki
Cinematographer: Sawako Kabuki
Editor: Sawako Kabuki
Sound Designer: 1980YEN
Music: 1980YEN


Publicity Contact
CaRTe bLaNChe
Sales Agent
CaRTe bLaNChe
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2018
Genre: Pop
Screening in: Music Video Program
Screening Section: Music Video Competition
Screening Category: Music Video
Country: Japan
Runtime: 1 mins