Music Video Program

Music Video Program

Program Details:

Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband
Genre:  Music Musical
Screening Section: Music Video Competition
Screening Category: Shorts Program
Runtime: 86 mins

Program Includes:

This music video drags us in one of Europe’s last peepshows. In front of three astounded clients, Kiddy Smile will perform a wild dance routine with provocative gestures and postures. Absolutely fascinated and literally falling under Kiddy’s spell, our three clients are going to be chased by their desires and the fantasies they have projected onto him. There’s absolutely no chance for them to avoid Kiddy’s attraction. They’ll be caught up by their deepest desires, forced to face them in thorny situations.

A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually.
Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.

"Secrets" is a single off King Bach's debut album, Medicine. The music video begins at a speed dating event where the guys attending learn their drinks have been spiked with truth serum. What follows is a series comical and absurd confessions.

While Cousin John is away in the City, the residents of The Carrington House Hotel in upstate New York yearn for his return in this short film posing as music video.

Laetitia Tamko (Vagabon) meditates on self-empowerment through movement and colored dreamscapes.

Set in the heat of a surreal, ethereal traffic jam (an homage to Fellini’s 8 1/2) ‘Nice to Have’ depicts a slow moving magical passage through time, relationships, life and death.

The classic shaggy dog story? A super-pooch, trained to take on man’s biggest challenge, reaching for the stars! Rescued from the streets by a talented young scientist, our canine hero is fast-tracked through a top secret training programme that takes him from racing car cockpit to an interstellar rocket ship.

Witness an office worker, vent his unknown frustrations in a way we can all relate to. An everyman tale for our times. Mercedes Marxist follows a depressed office worker, who expresses his misery in a way we can all understand. Witness his unknown frustrations, and handy way of dealing with things, spill from work and into personal life and leisure time.

Battle royale! It’s the underground, ultimate fighting championship, however revolution is a foot. A young man and woman face ridiculous odds in a two staged battle for an ominous spectator. Prepare for eye-wateringly vicious moves in a turbo-charged and relentlessly violent spectacle.

Filmed within the confines of a high security prison in Ukraine, featuring real inmates confronting their circumstances through creative expression. This video explores the mental toll it takes and how they – for all their sins – find a way to cope. No actors were used in this film, the entire cast are inmates.

A day in the life of a complicated cannibal.

A journey that takes you past the edge of the world and into a landscape of heartbreak, intricately realized through a breakthrough combination of 3D animation and hand-painted frames.

A sign spinner feels down and empty but finds levity in life when on the move while dancing/spinning to his favorite music.

Directed by Kevin Phillips, III is a visual manifestation of the The Lumineers' third full-length album of the same name. Divided into three chapters, the film follows three members of the Sparks family, Gloria Sparks, her son Jimmy, and her grandson Junior. Without competing, Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites' lyrics narrate the raw and visually stunning vignettes — each depicting the agony of love, loss, and the enduring impact of substance abuse from one generation to the next. From the first image of a family portrait, it's clear that truth and pain lurk just beneath the surface for the family's matriarch, Gloria. It's her story that ignites a path of destructive behaviour, as each family member tries desperately to bury their anguish and outrun their past. What becomes of the Sparks family is all too familiar — in the end, no amount of love can erase the pain.

Schultz and Fraites did not set out to create this deeply personal album, but the work came into focus from a series of seemingly unrelated events. For Schultz, inspiration came from his journal writings about trying to save a close relative from alcoholism. That gave the story its nucleus, and it was brought to life by a piano piece that Fraites wrote years earlier, when he barely knew how to play the instrument. The result: a haunting collection that lyrically marries sight and sound in three emotional sections, woven together by melodic, deeply affecting songs.

The different stages of Angel Olsen's persona evolve as she undergoes a life transforming journey through mirrors and stairs.

Sharon visits the places of her past--her childhood home, her first apartment, her first job, venue spaces in New York that are now defunct--in an effort to reflect on her past life as she says goodbye to the city that has been her home for decades.

Directed by Maureen Towey and Produced by Miranda Rose Kahn (Mirmade), the film takes us on a 16mm journey that feels nostalgic and relatable for all those who have had to move on to another chapter in life.

“Colors” explores the bonds of a young family living in the Bronx. They are displaced after unforeseen circumstances takes the family to unexpected places. Despite the challenges facing them, they find joy, hope, and each other. The landscape of the Bronx is celebrated as a beautiful place. Eric Burton’s evocative movements and dance explore the emotions and the shifts we experience in life.

Sam Smith dances out his heartbreak in his latest music video.

Tove Lo travels the world in an epic global journey of adventure, crime and friendship.

A couple on the rocks is followed around by a mysterious song as it slowly torments them and their relationship.

A montage of fictional movie title screens from the 1960's to early 2000's. Created by Laura Gorun, Dimitri Basil, Cooper Roussel with
graphics designed by Dora Forero.

In the clip, Lizzo stars in an ’80s-style workout program, goes on a late-night talk show, sells products on an infomercial, and more.

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