Call Center Blues

Call Center Blues

A cinematic tale of deportation, migration, displacement and opportunistic capitalism, Call Center Blues follows four characters as they struggle to make sense of their lives in Tijuana. Each with a vastly different story, they are all linked by their displacement and the sole choice of call center work they have in a country that is so unfamiliar and oftentimes frightening, yet other times a ray of hope. Tijuana becomes their home, a place defined by the border but yet defiant towards it, a no man's land where everything and everyone feels transient. These characters paint a picture of love, loss and longing - for home, for an American Dream deferred, and for justice.

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Geeta Gandbhir



Director: Geeta Gandbhir
Executive Producer: Ryan Chanatry, Anna Holmes, Gena Konstantinakos
Producer: Jessica Devaney
Cinematographer: Asad Faruqi
Editor: Viridiana Lieberman
Sound Designer: Filipe Messeder
Music: Laura Heinzinger
Additional Credits: Field Producer: Abraham Ávila, Sound Recordist & Additional Cinematography: Juan Manuel Gonzalez Felix, Co-Producer: Lisa Valencia-Svensson, Co-Executive Producer: Anya Rous, Associate Producer(s): Colleen Cassingham, Paulette Marte, Consulting Producer: Patricia Benabe, Production Assistant(s): David Reyes, Jot Sahi, Supervising Producer(s): Jeff Seelbach, Jennie Bedusa, Assistant Editor: Emily Pederson


Jeff Seelback
Public Film Contact
Jessica Devaney
Multitude Films
Publicity Contact
Jessica Devaney
Sales Agent
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2020
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Documentary
Screening Section: Documentary Shorts Competition
Screening Category: Documentary Short
Country: Mexico
Language: English, Spanish
Runtime: 24 mins