All of Us Will Die -Why Won't We Talk About It? Meet Up

Do you know when you will die? Only about 70% of the US populations lives beyond age 65. The average age of death in the US is about 78.8. Yet we leave discussion of death, dying, and related planning to the bitter end of life — even though we don't know when that will be! Whether one lives to 20 or to 120, we need to learn to plan ALL of life — which includes death. Our society's ageism prejudice makes older Americans retreat to same age communities as the youth-obsessed anti-aging mindset prevails. All of us are going to die. We have that in common. Why is the subject of death considered morbid or taboo? How can you truly live a full, passionate life if you don't recognize that death too is part of it? If we spoke of death throughout life, aging would be easier for all!

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