The Threat Matrix - Realities of Political Reporting Today

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Today’s political environment can feel like a toxic apocalypse and dealing with threats is now part of a journalist’s job in 2020. Slurs of “fake news” and “enemy of the people” are translated into real threats from trolls and bots as well as hard-partisans and conspiracy theorists – often pushing an agenda armed with alternative facts and no room for reason. These threats often come in anonymous forms at extreme volumes. Is this simply a sign of the times, or a signal that our society is splintering further and further apart? Hear from a group of journalists at the heart of the political conversation about the new realities of being a political reporter in 2020, and their thoughts about how we can find common ground, rooted in facts, going forward.

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photo of John Avlon
John Avlon


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photo of Jackie Kucinich
Jackie Kucinich

The Daily Beast

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Olivia Nuzzi

New York Magazine

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