How Women Can Save Journalism

Media has historically under-valued women (especially women of color) and over-valued men (especially white men). Yet women are the engine of growth for literally everything - they buy the books, they do the majority of social sharing, they watch more TV, they buy the things that the ads that drive TV are selling. The data shows they even watch more porn and tune in to the Super Bowl with more attention. Women are the dream audience - but they are also the dream creators, as the increase in media created and produced by women over the past few years has clearly shown. Men are still the gatekeepers, but when women slip through the gate their numbers go through the roof. (And they flop far less than men do.) So now in this new age of trying to save journalism, newsrooms should remember this and pay attention to who always ends up coming in to clean up messes and save the day: yep you guessed it. Presenting listen to women part eleventy-zilion, save the media edition

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