Advertising Cannabis On Television through Entertainment & Education

Please be aware that cannabis and related laws vary. Programming in this track is designed to inform attendees about this fast-changing industry, and does not promote the use or sale of illegal drugs.

Hear from Emmy award winning producer Thom Beers and TV Pitchman Anthony Sullivan as they discuss their journey starting a hemp farm while developing a cannabis focused unscripted show - the first ever on network television. The story of MONTKUSH started with Sullivan’s need to help his daughter, who was born with a rare genetic disorder. She suffered from side effects due to her prescription medications and Sullivan realized he had to try an alternative. After seeing the success CBD had on his 9-year-old daughter he knew he had to not only support this industry but he had to be at the very heart of it. Through this process, he became an owner of one of the largest Hemp Farms on the East Coast which processes solvent free full spectrum CBD Rosin.
Anthony has made it his mission to understand the power of this plant. Since then, he has used his ability as a trusted consumer product expert to help bring this message to others who can benefit from this plant. The purpose of the show is not only to entertain but to enlighten viewers navigating the confusing and emerging CBD space.  Learn how television programming can be used as a medium to broaden consumers minds while continuing to spread positive awareness of Cannabis and CBD. 

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photo of Thom Beers
photo of Anthony Sullivan
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