“Stay True”, Not an “Us Too”

Please be aware that cannabis and related laws vary. Programming in this track is designed to inform attendees about this fast-changing industry, and does not promote the use or sale of illegal drugs.

Developing a brand in a burgeoning marketplace where Cannabis is being used as an ingredient in products from beverages to personal lubricant, is not easy. It is important to have a unique innovative point of difference that is compelling to your target customer and stay true to your brand’s DNA and messaging. The Cannabis plant’s true potential is just beginning to be realized.

In the 500 billion dollar plus beauty world it is important to stay true to your brand’s DNA, point of difference and message. “Stay true, not an us too!” allows innovative, independent brands to stand out and shine. There is a generational shift of consumers rejecting larger brands and seeking out independent brands, allowing entrepreneurship to flourish. CBD is only one ingredient available from the Cannabis plant. CBD may be great for wellness, but CBD does not define a Cannabis brand, nor is it unique in the marketplace at this point. The Cannabis plant offers a plethora of ingredients from hundreds of cannabinoids, to stalk fiber ingredients, to seed derivatives. Each has a unique feature and benefit. Stay true, not an us too… is most important when a brand must identify what they want to accomplish and choose the appropriate ingredients to formulate with.

With the establishment of a brand message and differentiation, it is important to then educate your target customer. The extensive amount of ingredients coming to market from the plant can cause confusion among consumers. Educating customers on the source, use, and benefits of the ingredients is paramount. Transparency and simplicity will help separate your brand from the crowded “us too” marketplace.

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