Women Power: the Original Natural Resource

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I stood at the crossroads of two corridors at the Met and time travelled. The portal was the confluence of exhibits of Michelangelo, Rodin and Hockney. I whooshed through centuries of men in front of canvases and clay. Surrounding the artists were women moving wordlessly, carrying water and babies. And I wondered. Where did all their ideas go? Where was all that energy? Women make up 50% of the population, but women in positions of leadership in any industry never exceed 18%. Beyond the issue of justice, we are looking at an issue of resources. Is there anyone who thinks the world will have better ideas if half the population never even make it to the table? The Ripple Out Framework starts a conversation which urges us to ask, where and how can we take our feet off the necks of women?

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Niamh McQuillan

Baltimore County Public Schools

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