Space Viruses! Preventing the Next Deadly Outbreak

The 100th anniversary of the influenza pandemic of 1918 that killed over 50 million people reminds us of the horrible devastation caused by infectious diseases, and fighting outbreaks like ebola virus and measles are front and center in public awareness across the globe. But what if the next dangerous infectious disease outbreak is something we've never fought before and doesn't even come from Earth? Manned spaceflight has opened up humanity to new biological threats, and a small community of biosafety and biosecurity professionals are entrusted with ensuring that viruses and bacteria in space don't have the opportunity to infect humans, animals, or plants on earth. This solo presentation will provide an overview of this threat and discuss what the technology community at SXSW can do about it.

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photo of Luis Alberto Ochoa Carrera
Luis Alberto Ochoa Carrera

Mexico Ministry of Health

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