A Data-Driven Look at America’s Food Neuroses


Strangers drive us home, walk our dogs, and put together our furniture, but pick our produce? No thanks! Now less than 5% of groceries in the USA are bought online. Instacart’s catalog data team has an inkling as to why, and based on our data, it’s because America is full of neurotic eaters. These quirks go way beyond “no mayo,” think:
“Not the super dark green-brown avocado... and…not the super bright-hard-green”
“Get the full sheet paper towels—my husband HATES select-a-size”
We believe that 1 in 5 households will buy groceries online within the next five years. Join Instacart’s Lead Librarian (yes, librarian), Laurentia Romaniuk, as she digs into the largest grocery catalog in the world to get inside the brain of the engaged and *particular* online grocery customer.

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