Islet - Clouds

Islet are remote Welsh outsiders, studying life via a refracting telescope, adept in the art of conjoining parts that don’t fit. A rural Powys trio whose free-spirited invention and exuberant intensity flows through experimental pop: hypnotic, exhilarating and defiantly unique.

They began in Cardiff, Wales in 2009, a band with no lead singer or set roles, switching instruments from song to song, melding psych rock, ethereal atmospherics and jagged post punk, with most gigs seeing the walls and spectators played as instruments. They have now signed to Fire Records, home of many an experimental deep thinker and everyday cult icon, with a new album due in Spring 2020. Emma Daman Thomas has moved into focus with her unleashed, mesmerizing vocals against a synth-driven sound, unexpected shifts of rhythm, playful inventive lyrics; an exhilarating, electronic purr that provokes thought and feeling and dancing. They have matured, are more tender, knowing and composed, but still eclectic, mysterious and intriguingly themselves.

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Psychedelic
From: Cardiff, UK-WALES