TEDx Sydney 2018: Humankind Title Sequence

TEDx Sydney 2018: Humankind

Using the medium of title design to create a piece that was ultimately about more than just a single film, series, or event, was something Substance had been considering for a long time. When TEDx invited us to design the 2018 titles, it was the perfect opportunity to produce something that would not only satisfy the brief of a title, but continue to remain relevant to a wider audience, speak on a deeply personal level, and ask each of us to consider the hopes and fears we hold for our world. We hope that the titles for Humankind may help kindle this evaluation of our current position on humanity’s short timeline.

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Scott Geersen



Director: Scott Geersen
Production Designer: Substance
Additional Credits: Editor: Joe Morris, 3D Shading/Lighting/Render: Rich Nosworthy, 3D Shading/Lighting/Render: Rory McLean, 3D Shading/Lighting/Render: Jeff Briant, 3D Shading/Lighting/Render: Ezequiel Grand, 3D Shading/Lighting/Render: Scott Geersen, Original Music and Sound Design: CypherAudio / John Black, Tobias Norberg


Scott Geersen
Public Film Contact
Scott Geersen
Publicity Contact
Scott Geersen
+61 402 856 386
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2018
Genre: Conference Title
Screening in: Title Design Program
Screening Section: Title Design Competition
Screening Category: Title Sequence
Country: ["Australia"]
Runtime: 02:00 mins