Designing Spaces for Bees and Butterflies

Designing Corridor Spaces for Bees and Butterflies
Recording: Designing Spaces for Bees and Butterflies, Mar 13, 2019


Do you want to know what you can do to help save honeybees in the US? We can all design pollinator friendly landscapes and in the process turn spaces into blooming paradises that still are functional for our modern lives. Pollinator corridors, rooftop gardens, smart factory grounds, and many more initiatives are happening all across the country to beautify public spaces and give shelter to the small insects that we depend on for our food security. This talk will give an inspiring overview of the most elegant design solutions municipalities, citizens, and businesses are using to turn their spaces into pollinator paradises. We will give you the knowledge to plant for pollinators in your space and be part of transforming our world into a more beautiful and food secure place to live.

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