Do it in a Dome! The Planetarium as an Arts Medium

Recording: Do it in a Dome! The Planetarium as an Arts Medium, Mar 9, 2019

By day, they’re known for their stunning views of the universe. By night, they transform into unique, intimate, and immersive spaces that blend art, music, and technology in unexpected ways. In Boston, and around the world, modern digital domes are inviting artists and innovators into their spaces to envision new possibilities and create powerful shared experiences that are unmatched by traditional stage venues.
This panel, consisting of producers, artists, and leaders working in the Planetarium industry, will share concepts and processes from past events and discuss how these incredible venues can push creatives from all realms to think about their work in new ways, resulting in transcendental experiences for audiences and transforming perceptions of what a modern Planetarium can be.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Beginner