Women’s Health: How Do You Market Taboo Topics?

Recording: Women’s Health: How Do You Market Taboo Topics?, Mar 12, 2019

How do you talk about important health issues or facts of life if you can’t use their actual names? The women's health industry has faced this dilemma for decades—life-changing products like tampons or vaginal dryness solutions can’t use words like “vagina” explicitly in ads or on vital consumer marketing platforms like Facebook. Imagine educating consumers about contact lenses or saline solution without being able to use the word "eye." Seems crazy, right? In this cross-industry panel discussion, experts will discuss how to effectively market “taboo” topics such as vaginal health, how to create vocabulary for the complexity of female sexuality, and why it’s important for today’s leaders and biggest brands to destigmatize pressing health and aging concerns for women.

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