Influencer Marketing in 2025: The Future of Human Media

Recording: Influencer Marketing in 2025: The Future of Human Media, Mar 12, 2019


Ryan Berger


Gabriel Miller


The Gen-Z community will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. Adverse to traditional methods of advertising, who do they trust? Influencers. 92% of consumers believe that their recommendations are more authentic than an ad. For this reason, brands are humanizing their marketing campaigns with these key opinion leaders.

So, what will influencer marketing look like in 2025? A 2018 study showed that just 9% of Gen-Z uses Facebook, will social platforms like these continue to be relevant? As the demand for influencer campaigns surpasses advertising, we predict a shift towards automating the campaign process -- from discovery, to campaign tracking and measurement. A network of micro-influencers will replace single brand ambassadors, and attaining authenticity will become top priority.

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