Esports as a Service: Guaranteeing a Future

Recording: Esports as a Service: Guaranteeing a Future, Mar 15, 2019


What will esports look like in three years? Will the same titles be around in five years? Publishers are working to guarantee a future for their games. Unlike traditional sports, there are new entries into the esports arena every year. There won’t be a new basketball tomorrow, but there might be a new League of Legends or Overwatch. This talk will cover how esports publishers are working to create longer life cycles for their games. By using the games as a service model, they are establishing their games as preeminent esports titles that will last. Topics will include the rise and importance of franchising in esports, the role games as a service model plays in player acquisition and continuing revenue cycle, and the ways publishers entice advertisers and brands to bet on esports.

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