Music Industry 3.0: The Great Rebalancing Begins

Recording: Music Industry 3.0: The Great Rebalancing Begins, Mar 13, 2019

Music was a canary in the digital coalmine, and after 18 years of disruption, 2018 brought growing micro-transactions, shoring up of data, and artists retaining their own rights. A slow turn of the industry tanker, we call this new era Music Industry 3.0.

Music Industry 1.0 = old business of CDs and radio singles, a high margin low complexity business that flourished for decades. Music Industry 2.0 = a digitized version of the same, except high complexity and low margin. This bumpy road brought economic chaos but also glimmering opportunities of global reach, new tools, and democratized distribution. Music Industry 3.0 = creator-led! This forces change across labels, publishers, managers and artists. Join experts on developing artist careers, alternative financing, and revenue streams.

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