A Crash Course in Empathy and Leadership

Recording: A Crash Course in Empathy and Leadership, Mar 11, 2019


Michael Ventura

Sub Rosa

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic and deservedly-so, as businesses both large and small attempt to broaden their perspective by building a more gender-, age- and race-diverse workforce. But it’s no easy task, especially within firms unused to embracing such inherent differences.
Whether there’s a rift between a roomful of Baby Boomers, a handful of Gen X-ers and an onslaught of Millennials, or an influx of women and minorities into a mostly all-White, all-male space, Michael Ventura, CEO & Founder of Sub Rosa, believes that Applied Empathy is the one thing that can help bridge the gap, appreciating how people expect to be understood in ways that are nuanced and personal. On stage, he’ll share seven Empathic Archetypes and explain strategies for dealing with each.

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