Hysteria No More: Data, Doctors and Women’s Health

Recording: Hysteria No More: Data, Doctors and Women’s Health, Mar 8, 2019

Reproductive healthcare in the US is failing women -- and now, they know it. History dismissed women’s health concerns as “hysteria”; today, women still struggle to get clear answers about their fertility, receive low value pregnancy care, experience bias if they are black or brown, poor, rural, lesbian or transgender, and are cast aside by our healthcare system as new mothers. In a self-examining view, this panel features three young Ob/Gyns who will take you under the hood to share why women are turning away from their doctors and towards other kinds of solutions. We will expose the gaps in reproductive science and care delivery, and the most promising solutions in social media, telehealth, biometric tracking, and other technologies to ensure women care, validation, and bodily autonomy.

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