Moms Are Working — Why Aren’t Maternity Policies?

Recording: Moms Are Working — Why Aren’t Maternity Policies?, Mar 8, 2019


Pregnant women - across all workplace sectors and organizational levels - experience subtle bias and overt discrimination. Parental leave policies in the US remain some of the worst in the world: inadequate, according to reporting by Haley Swenson of Swenson will explain the policy and economic landscape in which progress on pregnancy-related discrimination has stalled. OBGYN Dr. Adam Wolfberg will explain clinical limits pregnancy places (or doesn’t place) on work, and business school professor Danna Greenberg will explain how leading companies help their best employees succeed at home and at work - and simultaneously improve culture and profits. Ovia Health Chief Product Officer Gina Nebesar will describe innovative, women-centered solutions to this vexing problem.

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