Reimagining Life with Cancer

Reimagining Life with Cancer
Recording: Reimagining Life with Cancer, Mar 10, 2019

You have cancer. Terrifying words to hear that instantly alter our world, family, and life. Our health system has evolved to treat the disease of cancer. We've found efficient ways to fight the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. But somehow, we have forgotten that the social, emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of the human experience are fundamental to living with vitality and resilience. What if we built a model that treats the mind, heart, & soul and delivers cutting edge cancer therapies? What if we prioritize not just survival, but supporting patients' capability, comfort and calm? What if we could use this model to improve access for ALL? Join us as we dive into Dell Medical School’s CaLM Concept, a flipped care model that reimagines the cancer experience.

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